Selected Solo Exhibitions

‘Bitter Harvest’: 1992 [UK, Europe, US, South Africa
‘Life in the Liberated Zone’: 1993 [UK, Europe, US, South Africa] ‘After Apartheid: South Africa’s black middle class’: 1995 [ Commissioned by the Getty Museum, Los Angeles; toured US with ‘Life in the Liberated Zone’.]. Black Gallery, Los Angeles.
‘Struggling to Share the Promised Land’: 2001 [UK, Germany, Bahrain, South Africa]* District Six Museum, Cape Town. Museum Africa, Johannesburg. Woolfson & Tay, 2011
‘Cape Town Fringe: Manenberg Avenue is where it’s Happening’. [Side Gallery, Newcastle, March – May, 2004. Cape Town [SA National Gallery], Johannesburg [PhotoZA Gallery], Amsterdam.
‘Images of Table Mountain’. [Cape Town International Book Fair (2006); Bell Roberts Gallery, Cape Town (2006); Standard Bank Gallery, Johannesburg (2007). Hereford Photography Festival, UK (2007).
‘Fragments from the Edge’, [Joao Ferreira Gallery, Cape Town [2008, Cape Town International Book Fair, CTICC, Cape Town (June, 2009). ] ‘The Right To Refuge’, Holocaust Museum, Cape Town. June & July, 2010.
‘Off Side: Cape Town 2010’, Association of Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery, Cape Town, June & July, 2010
‘The Long Street Show’, Association of Visual Arts (AVA) Gallery, Cape Town. March, 2011.
‘Encounters at the Edge’, Photographers’ Gallery, Cape Town. 11 July – 31 August, 2012; Bekris Gallery, San Francisco, USA. 1 November, 2012 – 7th January, 2013; Constitution Hill, Johannesburg. April, 2013.
‘Morning After Dark’, Commune.1 Gallery, Cape Town, SA. (23rd September – 23rd October, 2014); Museum Africa, Johannesburg, SA. May-July, 2015; Sasol Kunsmuseum, Stellenbosch University, SA. August-October, 2015.

‘Writing the City’, South African Jewish Museum, Cape Town. March-May, 2016; Hazard Gallery, Johannesburg, SA. June – July, 2016; Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery, London, UK. November – December, 2016.